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+91 Foundation strives to further ongoing discourse between the South Asian avant-garde and global art world. +91 will create platforms for exhibition, education and documentation that foster the international exchange of ideas. This is facilitated through three interrelated programs: +91 Initiatives, +91 Files, and +91 Archives.


+91 INITIATIVES facilitates creative endeavors wordwide, collaborating with partners within institutions and in interstitial spaces removing barriers between viewers and art. OOur Initiatives promote artistic and intellectual exchange through our visual artists’ workspace program based in New York City and collaborations with local and international art institutions.


+91 ARCHIVES promotes the scholarship of South Asian Contemporary Art by documenting, preserving and improving access to visual arts collections, archival material and educational resources. We strive to provide unique insight into contemporary South Asian art practice by adding to our digital repository of important visual arts collections and archival material. The +91 Archives will focus on three important modes of programming to fulfill its mission: Acquisitions & Collections Management,Documentation and Outreach & Access.


+91 FILES is a repository of information documenting the practice of established and emerging and artists.

The + 91 Files consists of existing artist files from Bose Pacia with updates. We have been collecting artist images since 1994, which has transitioned into a database that is physically accessible by scholars, researchers and the general public.





Dr. Arani Bose, Founder

Shumita Bose, Founder

Kaushal Majmudar






Established in 1994, Bose Pacia was the first gallery in the West specializing exclusively in contemporary South Asian art. Over the past two decades, Bose Pacia has held over 80 exhibitions and is internationally regarded for promoting the South Asian avant-garde. The gallery fostered an active discourse between contemporary South Asian artists and the international art community by featuring exhibitions that contextualize contemporary art from this geographic region withn its rich artist traditions and current social tensions.
















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