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+91 Archives

+91 Archives was established in 2008 by Arani and Shumita Bose to document the contribution of the South Asian contemporary art community. Our main goal is to provide a unique insight into the contemporary South Asian art practice by accessing, interpreting and archiving important visual arts collections. In addition to a digital repository of visual arts material, the

+91 Archives will offer a digital study center where researchers can access articles, bibliographies, interviews and other critical scholarship relating to South Asian art history.



+91 Archives consists of the institutional papers of the Bose Pacia Gallery, the Shumita & Arani Bose collection and the Nature Morte gallery records.


Shumita & Arani Bose Collection

The Shumita & Arani Bose Collection is one fo the largest and most comprehensive art collections in the US. With strengths in both the pre-independence and postcolonial spheres. The collection can be viewed as a survey of the most pivotal and influential artistic developments in the Indian subcontinent.


Bose Pacia

SOHO (1994- 2000) / Chelsea (2000-2009)

This collection consists of records, artist files, photographs, slides, exhibition flyers, catalogs and other ephemera relating to the gallery in its first Soho location and second location in Chelsea.


Nature Morte

The Nature Morte collecion includes artist files, slides and material relating to the founding of the gallery in India in 1997.




+91 Archives consists of the institutional records of the Bose Pacia Gallery and the Shumita & Arani Bose Collections. The archives is currently acquiring archival material from key individuals and institutions. Please view our search page to browse the collections.




The +91 Archives blog features important discussions with artists and the contemporary South Asian art world. 

Visit the +91 Archives blog .





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